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My first article at a PROPER website !!

The fine lads at the Geek Syndicate website do an amazing geek podcast which I have listened to now for about 6 years. I urge you to have a listen, as it is always informative and plain hilarious !!

They are such fine lads, they have even allowed your humble Evangelist here to contribute to their incredible website. So, it is with much excitement I give you my first article for a proper geek website !!!


DW Live! Factions!

This is an amazing idea I recommend everyone gets into !!

Dissecting Worlds

We’ve a lot of great suggestions for Factions, who we hope will really be the main drivers of activity on our new Colony World. We’re starting to firm up the rules for how they will interact, using, as base, the Fate system, because it’s quick, easy, and gives us some interesting options. If you’re not a rules person – do not fear! – interesting worldbuilding trumps all, and these exist to give us a framework for conflict and resolution, not an overriding law for it.

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Second comic for Christmas – The “Good Times” Sloth ?!

In celebration of the season, the Comic Book Evangelist presents over the “Twelve Days of Christmas” his favourite single issues of the year 2014. These are comics that have not made my top ten titles list, but have released issues during the year that have blown me away, had me roaring with laughter or quietly crying with emotion.

On this, the second day of Christmas, I present the friendly-looking sloth so beloved by the characters in Memetic #1 !

Memetic #1, written by the star-has-indeed-risen James Tynion IV and with art by Erik Donovan was released in October, and so is a relatively late addition to the list of issues I have simply loved this year. The story is pretty simple: The “Good Times Sloth” meme takes the world by storm. Those who see it feel a bliss that leaves them extremely happy (and extremely eager to share the meme with their social network). For a few hours. Then the viewers’ eyes start to bleed and they become ultra-violent.

Our window into the escalating horror is Marcus, a teenager who sees the meme and is unaffected, probably due to his colour blindness. He is nonplussed at the obsession the meme creates in his peers, and concerned that he is unable to make contact with his boyfriend.

The image of the Good Times Sloth reminded me immediately of Futurama’s Hypo-toad and the psychedelia of 1960s posters. It IS an image that draws the eye, and the fact my eyes were continually drawn to it whilst reading a panel added a verisimilitude to the story – if I couldn’t stop being drawn to it of course the characters in the story would have the same problem.

This is a clever horror story which builds tension well, and gives a protagonist who is vulnerable emotionally – his isolation had me immediately feeling for him.

This is the first issue of a three part limited series, and sets up the story so well I was eager to read the second and third issues. I recommend Memetic #1, but be careful: if your eyes start to itch you may want to put the book down…..

The Fantastic Four Explain What Superheroes Do For Cash

Another interesting post examining the minutiae behind the stories !

Julian R. Munds

Journey Into Marvel – Part 58

Fantastic_Four_Vol_1_9Extremites, if you’re like me, and I assume you are because you follow this blog — and if you don’t follow it you should — you have found yourself sitting reading a comic wondering two things: one, ‘where do these superheroes find all this spandex’ and two, ‘how do these folks afford all of this?’ It must be expensive to keep up a multitude of gadgets. Insurance payments on crazy building collapsing battles must be through the roof.

Some characters are billionaires. Batman has endless cash to fund the latest mobile or new grapple hooks. Tony Stark is the heir to a massive military supply shop.

What about the ‘average joes?’

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On the first day of Christmas……VAL ZOD !!

In celebration of the season, the Comic Book Evangelist presents over the “Twelve Days of Christmas” his favourite single issues of the year 2014. These are comics that have not made my top ten titles list, but have released issues during the year that have blown me away, had me roaring with laughter or quietly crying with emotion.

Kicking off with the First Day of Christmas, we have the “partridge in a pear tree” which was Earth 2 #26. This book was released in August and was the best birthday present DC could possibly give me !
Earth 2 #26 was the culmination of all the plot points Tom Taylor had been setting up since he took over the title in November 2013 with #17 – the cryptic clues of Dr Fate (okay, they are mostly rambling clues, but they were cryptic nonetheless) , the mystery of evil Superman, the new Superman Val Zod taking centre stage and just how the rag-tag group of heroes and decimated World Army would defeat the renewed Apokoliptian invasion . It was one hell of a culmination !! With the always amazing Nicola Scott on art duties, the issue had so many jaw-dropping moments I ended up in accident and emergency ! Here are the few I am willing to mention (I do not want to spoil the big reveal, as doing so will deny you the pure joy and wonderment felt when you get to the reveal in the issue):

Marella, the Aquawoman, defeats the Apokoliptian general Bedlam not with force but smarts. Marella can control water, and uses this ability to expand the water in Bedlam’s brain, basically giving her hydroencephalus and knocking her out. In doing so, Marella freed other heroes from Bedlam’s control and victory is thus ensured.

Alan Scott using his powers to HOLD THE EARTH in order to stop it from being sucked into a Boom Tube. This was a great image, reminiscent of the panel in Crisis of Infinite Earths in which the Spectre holds the Earths apart and the old Earth -One & Earth-Two crossovers in which he did the same thing !

Best of all, Val Zod – the new Superman – stepped up in the coolest way: he held to his pacifist beliefs even when taking a severe beating from the evil Superman (who of course characterised Val’s pacifism as weakness), and won the fight without throwing a punch ! This is the coolest thing I have seen in comics for a long time. Usually pacifist characters “realise” that violence IS the answer and take down the villain with a well-aimed punch, sword thrust or bullet. By having Val Zod continually try to appeal to Superman’s better nature whilst defending himself and others (by the way, there is nothing contradictory in a pacifist defending themselves in a non-violent way) he not only won the fight but won the battle by proving that you do not have to fight fire with fire !

Val Zod became, in the space of three issues, my favourite character of the year and one of the all-time favourite characters ! Thank you Tom and Nicola !!

Godhead. One month in and here’s what I think

Great article from longtime friend Anthony!

King Bobalot

We’ve now had one month of DC’s new Green Lantern story line Godhead and too be honest I’m not overly impressed. Now don’t get me wrong it is a good story however there are a few small things that annoy me about it that just prevent me from completely enjoying the experience.

For those that don’t know the story the Highfather and the New Gods have detected a breach in the Source Wall which they believe will lead them to the Life Equation to be able to use in their war against Darkseid. Now this breach was caused by the While Lantern Kyle Rayner during the Relic story line and then coming back with the Life Equation. This now leads the New Gods to cross paths with the Green Lanterns plus every other lantern in the DC universe.

Now this is where my first issue with Godhead comes up. You see in the…

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Matt Kindt writes his Valiant passion project with new ‘Ninjak’ series

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Nothing was going to stand in the way of Matt Kindt writing “Ninjak.” Despite a full plate of ongoing series (“Mind MGMT” for Dark Horse, “Rai” and “Unity” for Valiant) and the upcoming “The Valiant” miniseries, Kindt carved time out of his schedule to work on a pitch for a new “Ninjak” series, knowing that the opportunity would pass him by if he didn’t work fast.

“I basically begged Warren [Simmons, Valiant editor-in-chief] to let me do it,” says Kindt. “If there was one Valiant character I would want to do—if I could only do one—it would be Ninjak. And the only issue was would I have time to do it, because I had taken on ‘Unity’ and ‘The Valiant,’ and Warren was just worried about my time.”

“I told him to let me pitch it, let me work out an outline for the first few years. I’ll write…

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