On the fourth day of Christmas, it’s super spy Dick Grayson !

Grayson #4 was brought to us by Tim Seeley, Tom King and Mikel Janin, the number 4 and the letters F, U & N !


Fun. That’s what immediately springs to mind when I think about Dick Grayson.  Whether it is his throwing puns in battle whilst wearing a brightly coloured costume as the original Boy Wonder, his ability to inspire with equal parts grit and wit as the leader of the Teen Titans or performing amazing gymnastics on a moving train whilst dispensing wisdom to Tim Drake, Dick has always been the character that I would most want to be in the DC Universe.  Sadly, this element of Dick’s character had fallen a little by the wayside in the New 52 iteration of Nightwing, and seemed to be lost forever after the harrowing events of the Trinity War.
Then Grayson #4 was released, and all the fun came rushing back into the book like a lemonade waterfall ! (I know, I am not sure what that means either !).  In Grayson #4 Dick discovers he is a sex symbol for the students of the St Hadrian’s Finishing School for Girls and decides to play a game of follow the leader with them. This issue is full of panels like this one featuring a smiling Grayson flipping, rolling and jumping around roofs and treetops, as he leads the merry chase.

Grayson #4 009

While the other issues of the series have established Dick as a credible super spy as he infiltrates the mysterious SPYRAL and takes on suitably espionage genre missions, this one focuses on just what makes Dick Grayson tick and proves that regardless of the situation Dick finds himself in, there is one constant: his sense of fun.

Grayson #4 014


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