Second comic for Christmas – The “Good Times” Sloth ?!

In celebration of the season, the Comic Book Evangelist presents over the “Twelve Days of Christmas” his favourite single issues of the year 2014. These are comics that have not made my top ten titles list, but have released issues during the year that have blown me away, had me roaring with laughter or quietly crying with emotion.

On this, the second day of Christmas, I present the friendly-looking sloth so beloved by the characters in Memetic #1 !

Memetic #1, written by the star-has-indeed-risen James Tynion IV and with art by Erik Donovan was released in October, and so is a relatively late addition to the list of issues I have simply loved this year. The story is pretty simple: The “Good Times Sloth” meme takes the world by storm. Those who see it feel a bliss that leaves them extremely happy (and extremely eager to share the meme with their social network). For a few hours. Then the viewers’ eyes start to bleed and they become ultra-violent.

Our window into the escalating horror is Marcus, a teenager who sees the meme and is unaffected, probably due to his colour blindness. He is nonplussed at the obsession the meme creates in his peers, and concerned that he is unable to make contact with his boyfriend.

The image of the Good Times Sloth reminded me immediately of Futurama’s Hypo-toad and the psychedelia of 1960s posters. It IS an image that draws the eye, and the fact my eyes were continually drawn to it whilst reading a panel added a verisimilitude to the story – if I couldn’t stop being drawn to it of course the characters in the story would have the same problem.

This is a clever horror story which builds tension well, and gives a protagonist who is vulnerable emotionally – his isolation had me immediately feeling for him.

This is the first issue of a three part limited series, and sets up the story so well I was eager to read the second and third issues. I recommend Memetic #1, but be careful: if your eyes start to itch you may want to put the book down…..


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