Godhead. One month in and here’s what I think

Great article from longtime friend Anthony!

King Bobalot

We’ve now had one month of DC’s new Green Lantern story line Godhead and too be honest I’m not overly impressed. Now don’t get me wrong it is a good story however there are a few small things that annoy me about it that just prevent me from completely enjoying the experience.

For those that don’t know the story the Highfather and the New Gods have detected a breach in the Source Wall which they believe will lead them to the Life Equation to be able to use in their war against Darkseid. Now this breach was caused by the While Lantern Kyle Rayner during the Relic story line and then coming back with the Life Equation. This now leads the New Gods to cross paths with the Green Lanterns plus every other lantern in the DC universe.

Now this is where my first issue with Godhead comes up. You see in the…

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