Can’t wait to Sin !

A quick post today. I have just finished watching the New Sin City:A Dame to Kill For trailer and after allowing the echoes of my insanely excited cheering to fade had to share this with you all. 

I had heard that the new film would have elements of a new story written specifically for it, and man does it look like it will be incredible ! It looks like (based on the trailer and my fevered speculation) “little” Nancy Callahan is going to wreak vengeance upon Senator Roark, likely teaming up with Marv and the Sin City girls to do so. AWESOME !!!!!!!!! (in fact that exclamation really doesn’t do justice to the depth of excitement I now have for this film). 

I had thought nothing would top Guardians of the Galaxy when it came to crazy levels of anticipation for the film – like many I was hooked from the “ooga chaka” moments of the first trailer – but with this trailer there is not just a new contender, but a new champion !

I am extremely excited about heading back to that rotten town of Basin City – bring on August 22nd !



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