2 + 2 = 6 ?


Today’s blog is piece of rampant speculation, based on a nothing more than a comment the lovely Nicola Scott made while I was hassling her at Supanova Perth and a couple of pieces of comics news. I will say from the outset that I have no insider information whatsoever on this; I am merely trying to emulate Sherlock Holmes’ power of deduction with the theory which follows. 

So now, as Sherlock does, let us review the evidence (such as it is): 

1. I hassled Nicola Scott a hell of a lot during Perth’s Supanova a few weeks back, and during our wide ranging chats Nicola mentioned she would be working on a new project for DC soon, along with some creator-owned stuff. This off the cuff comment came and went, as Nicola talked about the fun she was having finishing issue 25 of  Earth 2 run (especially delineating the big battle between the evil Superman and Val, the new Superman), we wondered over the pencil work and composition of a page of Alan Davis artwork I had bought and an acolyte sat at her feet and learnt words of wisdom (NB: The “sat at feet” bit was metaphorical). Thus the comment was almost forgotten, until……..

2.  DC announced a new artist and writer on Earth 2, noting Nicola would no longer on the book s of issue 27 of the title.  Nicola had mentioned she was still working on something for DC, I seemed to remember, but if it is not Earth 2 then what could it be ? I continued to wonder in vain until I saw…

3. This piece of news on Bleeding Cool today. I agree Gail Simone is indicating there is a new Secret Six in the works, but the item caused a light bulb to appear over my head as the final piece of the puzzle clicked into place (and a mixed metaphor emerged). 

My theory then, is this: Nicola Scott is the artist for the relaunched Secret Six, just as she launched the original Secret Six all those years ago ! Gail Simone will of course reprise her role as writer, and DC will bring back one of the most popular books of the last decade (which didn’t involve Batman or the Green Lantern).

What do you think ? Am I close, and should await a call from Sherlock who will now surely want to team up with me to fight criminal masterminds ? Let me know ! 








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