Great Batman Eternal Theory from a special guest !

This time I have a very special treat, as Acolyte Anthony, one of my comic reading mates, gives us his theory on who the Big Bad in the Batman: Eternal weekly series is.  Anthony told me his theory a couple of weeks ago, and when I suggested he write it up for the blog he graciously did so. 

So, sit back, don your deerstalker and open your mind to the clues being deciphered in this brilliant theory, which I think is 100% correct !  Take it away Anthony 

Big boss man for Batman Eternal

 Well we have had twelve issues of Batman Eternal where for those who haven’t been reading the series, we have seen the following: Jim Gordon has been arrested for mass manslaughter, GCPD are no longer Batman’s allies and a gang war is enveloping Gotham, started by the returning mafia crime boss Carmine Falcone. Throughout all of this though we have been told that there is someone behind Falcone and what is going on in Gotham City and I believe that I know who it is. It is one of Batman’s greatest villains from one of DC’s best Batman stories. Our big baddy is the one and only……..Hush.

Out of all the major Batman villains Hush hasn’t yet made an appearance since the New52 and while a weekly series would be the best way to introduce him, I believe we have already met Hush. More on that later…

Now my first clue to our big baddy being Hush came in the very first issue, though at the time the character Hush wasn’t on my mind for potential enemies, where I shows Batman without his cowl tied to the bat signal while Gotham city burned and at that point our big baddy knew Batman was Bruce Wayne but I believed that he knew this fact before the scene.

My next train of thought took me to who in the New52 knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman and I could only think of three characters, Ra’s Al Gul, Two-Face and Joker. Now either of them seemed like good candidates but none of them matched it perfectly. Firstly while Al Gul does seem like a person wanting to make Gotham burn and destroy the Bat but he is already the main villain of Batman & Robin so I don’t believe DC would have him as the main enemy of another series. I don’t really picture Two-Face to doing this big of an attack on Batman and from the end of Batman & Two-Face I believe that he won’t be around for a while. Finally I don’t think Joker would try to break down the Bat as from what we saw in Death of the Family he wants to make Batman the best that he can be. Destroying all of Gotham will NOT help with that ! Add the fact that the character on that page referred to Batman as Bruce and Joker doesn’t care about Bruce only the Bat.

At this time I was only thinking of characters in the New52 and didn’t think of Hush who we all know knew that Bruce was Batman; but what really lead me to believe that our big baddy was Hush was the last panel of issue 10 where we see a sort of hooded figure in the shadows with only the eyes being lit up. When I saw that panel I knew that it was Hush.

At first Hush was a bit of a long shot guess but the more that I thought about it the more it made sense: Hush looks like the figure at the end of issue 10, our first introduction to Hush (in Batman 610-619) had him playing mind games with the Bat and having Gotham turn on Batman is exactly the kind of thing that Hush would do. 

The one flaw with my theory would be the fact that we haven’t been seeing Hush as his public identity of Thomas Elliot and showing Elliot would ruin the surprise of it being Hush, but I have thought of that already. Thomas Elliot won’t be appearing in the New52 because the New52’s version of Hush won’t be Thomas Elliot but another Thomas…….Wayne Jr to be exact ! (others may know him as Lincoln March from the Court of Owls story line).

Now there are a few reasons why I think Marsh will be a replacement for Elliot as Hush and they are

1: March, like Elliot, know knows that Bruce is Batman,

2: His vendetta, like Elliot, is personal against the Bat,

3: Before March was shown to be an enemy he was a good friend of Bruce just as Elliot was before his reveal as Hush.

So those are our similarities with Elliot but there are also a few other things to keep in mind. At the end of the Court of Owls we never saw the death of Marsh and we all knew he was going to come back at some point also he cannot come back in his Talon outfit otherwise he will look too similar to Owlman from Earth 3 who we all know is still lurking around somewhere from the end of Forever Evil. 

So there you have it my predictions for the boss at the end of Batman Eternal Hush and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Thanks Anthony for letting us all in on your  great theory ! 



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