Holy home entertainment, Batman !

Apologies for the delay in posting Wednesday’s blog. I became aware of some impending news and was waiting for it to come out so I could discuss it. Sadly I mixed up my days and the news hit on Thursday morning here in Australia, not Wednesday morning as I expected. 
I am extremely excited about this – along with a million other people born in the 1970s – as the Batman TV show was the first time I had seen a hero I loved from cartoons and comics on TV ! Furthermore, since the series was repeated constantly on commercial TV here in Australia from about 1972 onwards, it may even be that I saw the TV show first and the comics later (my earliest memories of Batman are of him escaping an hourglass death-trap on the TV show and reading a black and white reprint of a Spectre/Batman team up).  Whether it was my first exposure or not, the triple threat of JLA and Brave & Bold reprints, Challenge of the Super Friends cartoons and the Batman TV show cemented very quickly my love for this dark knight (who smiled a lot in the cartoons and on TV told us kids to be careful crossing the road).
For those unaware of why this is a big deal and why it has taken so long for the series to come out, it comes down to the usual culprit and the acknowledged root of all evil: money.
See, the series was created by Fox but the character of Batman – and Robin, Catwoman and all the others – are owned by Warner Bros.  So, when the home video market hit big in the late 1980s Fox  wanted to cash in by releasing the popular series. Warner Bros. blocked the release, as they claimed to own the characters and thus wanted a cut of the profits. Fox argued they created the TV show and so didn’t have to and the arguments went on for years and years over that point. (please note, this is a much simplified version of events as I remember them, so if you want something definitive check out a more reliable source !).
It seems that now after decades of wrangling some sort of deal has been struck and the series can at last be released.
No news at this stage as to when the DVDs are coming to a store near you, or what extras there may be. For this Bat Fan however, all of that is irrelevant – the TV show I most loved as a child is finally coming out so I can watch and rewatch it at home whenever I want to ! Hoo-RAAAYYYYY !!!!
Note to the kids: Daddy apologises for subjecting you to watching poor, chopped up version of Batman on YouTube over the years. He does not apologise for subjecting you to more of the Batman TV series (in high definition)  in the future !! 
Of course, I could not end the blog in any other way but this:
See you again on Monday – Same Bat-time, same  Bat-channel !

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