When Jamie Met Chris(sy)

As mentioned in the last blog’s report on Supanova, Jamie had a fantastic, incredible, amazing, spectacular and uncanny time. The most uncanny of these was the chat he had with Chris Claremont whilst I was having Mr Claremont (as Jamie rather politely called him) sign comics for me. In fact, it seemed both Jamie and Mr Claremont were enjoying the conversation, and when we stood in line to have Mr Perez sign daddy’s comics Mr Claremont asked Jamie to tell him more about Wolverine !!

So simply because I found it tremendously cute (and it made this geek dad exceptionally proud), here is a rough version of the conversation Jamie had when he met Mr Claremont.   

Jamie (prompted by Daddy, who assured him it was OK to talk to the comic creators when they were signing): Hello Mr Claremont.

Mr Claremont:  Why, hi there little man ! What’s your name ? 
Jamie (henceforth J): Jamie. My dad loves to read your Wolverine stories, and the ones with Nightcrawler and Captain Britain. I love being Wolverine in the X-Men game on my dad’s iPad  (NB: Jamie will never be classified as “shy” !)

Mr Claremont (Henceforth Mr C):  Oh, so you like Wolverine ? He’s my favourite too ! 
J: I like how he says “I’m the best at what I do !” then brings his claws out and goes   SHING ! BAM ! – Jamie says all of this with the attendant actions: clenching his fists for the SHING and punching with the BAM, before ending with a karate-style resting position (you know, the one all kids who have watched TMNT do).

Mr C (Laughs uproariously): That’s great ! Give me a high five (Jamie does). That’s really great ! 
J: It’s like this ! Goes through pantomime again 
Mr C (Laughs even harder): Great ! So great !  
(turns to George Perez, who is sitting a few metres away sketching): George ! George ! You gotta see this ! 
(Mr Perez turns to Mr C) Mr C:  Jamie, show George your Wolverine 
Jamie obliges, this time making sure he has a “fierce face”. This is achieved by gritting his teeth, growling and wrinkling his nose.

George and Mr C laugh uproariously.   

Mr Perez: That’s great ! I will need to draw Wolverine doing that in a story ! 
Mr C: I like the SHING ! BAM ! I will have to include it in a script ! When I do and your daddy reads it to you Jamie, you will know I have done it for you !

J (not sure what that means, but is delirious he has made two people laugh): YAY ! You are funny and I like you and the stories you do in the comics ! Thank you Mr C !

Daddy and Jamie exit, stage left. Both are beaming with joy. Mr C remains at his table, chuckling to himself.


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