A Supa time !

A little while ago I mentioned I would be making my annual pilgrimage to Supanova. 

“So how was Supanova ?” I hear you ask. The short answer is “It was awesome ! The best ever !!” and also “why were you not there ?!”.  The long answer is that this year was the best ever for a number of reasons. As a fan of lists to make long answers that tiny bit shorter, here is a list of those reasons:

1.Jamie came with me for the first time !  My four year old son Jamie has heard me talk about Supanova a fair bit over the last year or so, and after having a great time at Oz Comic-Con earlier in the year he was keen to come with Daddy to the year’s biggest event for fans of Batman, Star Wars and Gundam Wing models. The last obsession is one Jamie developed after our trip to Oz Comic-Con in March.  He saw a stall selling Gundam Wings after he had bought the couple of items he was allowed, and ever since this missed opportunity he has been determined that he will a) go to Supanova and b) buy a Gundam Wing.  Did he find one ? And was he interested in the other cool items and activities which Supanova provides ? In the interests of having a cliff-hanger in the list, I will answer those questions later !

2. The layout was great. This year the creators and stars were set up in booths in a separate area to the general retail area. This meant there was more room for folks to queue when waiting to see their chosen star, and these queues did not clog up the main floor where all of the shops were. As such, it was much easier to navigate around, and the venue was in general less cramped. This was important, as I wanted to avoid Jamie being run over by cosplayers in armour or with massive wings !

3. I met some important creators whose work I adore ! Because there was more room for creator queuing, the lines for signatures moved very quickly and there was time for the creator to chat with their fans. This meant I was able to have great conversations with the famed Chris Claremont and George Perez without having to worry about holding up the line or blocking a thoroughfare. So, I had a good ten minutes to chat with Chris Claremont about his Excalibur stories, Captain Britain, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and exactly what musical Hugh would be singing a number from if he were to do a Wolverine musical (we agreed Oklahoma would be the best option !); five minutes talking to Perez about his Sachs and Violens miniseries from the 90s, my love for the Taskmaster character and my appreciation for the work he did on Wonder Woman.

4. The Aussie creators are the coolest ! The most fun we had was hanging out with Aussie creators Tom Taylor and Perth’s own Luke Milton.  Tom happily signed all of the books we purchased from him (as you would expect) ,  and also regaled us with anecdotes about his working on Injustice: Gods Among Us, disclosed the Easter eggs in said book for The Deep, and then showed us the trailer for the upcoming The Deep animated series !! Luke was also happy to discuss his work, give Jamie way too many badges and discuss upcoming episodes of the Book Was Better podcast.  Sure, meeting the mega-famous American comic guys was incredibly cool, but hanging out with the Aussie guys was even more fun !!

5. Jamie had a blast ! This was most important of all to me as a dad. I wanted Jamie to have fun, otherwise I would have been dragging him around a boring place he had no interest in being.  This was not to be, as Jamie had a great time chatting to the creators, looking at the cool toys, T-shirts and comics and……..buying a Gundam Wing !!! In fact, the Gundam Wing thing turned out better than expected. This year Tokyo Underground were running free workshops in building Gundam models for all interested parties. So, Jamie had the chance to have an expert help him build a Gundam model and take it home !!! For free !! Of course, I bought him another one ! The type he bought were easy to build, he was able to build it with minimal help from me. This made him even more excited about Gundam wing models in general, and I think I have a full-blown addiction to deal with now !!

I will leave the discussion here for the time being – tomorrow I will let you know exactly what Jamie and Chris Claremont talked about, it was hilarious !

(Hey, another cliff-hanger !)


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