The good, the stupid and the awesome from DC comics in October

DC has released solicitation info for their October titles today. I found the info here, but all of the good comics news sites will have it.  As again time has waited for no evangelist, I have missed the chance to do a detailed post again today. So instead of your regularly schedules blog post, I will quickly provide my thoughts on these solicitations.

1. This is really important: Do NOT read the October solicitations if you have any interested at all in reading DCs “Trinity war” crossover happening in July, August and September ! The first line of the first posting about the first comic being solicited spoils the ending of the Trinity War in a very big way. I didn’t have any interest in the story, so I don’t mind that the ending was spoiled. However, if you do have even a slight interest in the Trinity War then you will be massively annoyed when you look at the information.

Again: If you want to read Trinity war, so NOT read the solicitations !

I reckon this is a pretty stupid move by DC. They have been building up the importance of the Trinity War crossover for a couple of years now, with hints being offered in their last couple of Free Comic Book Day offerings, teaser ads appearing all over the place, and a constant reminder that this “is the first crossover event in the New 52 universe !”.  So, after all of that hype, DC decides to tell everyone who reads solicitations the ending ? What the….?!

You could argue that the folks who read this sort of thing are the hard-core geeks like me, but let’s face it- it is the hard-core geeks like me that read the FCBD books from publishers, check news websites the teaser ads have been on and read the comics that have had the hype included.  I understand that DC wants everyone to know the action and excitement do not abate after the Trinity War is over, but there are better ways to do that than to spoil the end of the story.

2.  There’s a Joker trade collecting his 1970s series Hoo-RAAAYYY !!! The Joker is one of the few villains to receive an ongoing series, and this collection of his 9-issue series is long overdue. Appropriately,  this news put a smile on my face I cannot get rid of !!

3. The “Unwritten Fables” non-crossover between the characters of Mike Carey’s Unwritten and Bill Willingham’s Fables ends.

I am very excited about some of the Fables cast crossing over into Mike Carey’s ongoing magnum opus The Unwritten, and cannot wait to see exactly how the events unfolding in this series will effect those characters. Unlike DC I do not want to spoil anything, but recent events in The Unwritten have caused havoc in the world of stories, so it will be very cool to see how these storybook characters brought to life will be changed.

4. Batwoman is fighting Batman ! Batwoman has always been on the periphery of the bat-family (she was not involved in any of the recent crossovers), but her work with the shadowy SHIELD-like agency the DEO has her on a collision course with Bruce Wayne himself. This is a story that has been building over a few months already, so I am excited to watch the slow burn finally explode !

5.  The Tom Strong limited series continues ! Tom Strong is always a welcome addition to my monthly read, and this series (starting in July) looks to continue that tradition. Buy the first issue, and then when you love it buy the rest of this series and the Tom Strong trade paperbacks which collect the original series and the last limited series. If you do not love it, turn your “Silver Age Fun Appreciation Society” badge and buy Watchmen to satisfy your lust for grim’n’gritty comics !! 

6. Last but in no way, shape or form the least, SANDMAN is back with a new limited series !!!!!!!!!!!!
Gaiman is back writing his most beloved creation as he launches a new prequel series which explains just what Morpheus had to do which drained his energy so much he was captured by Burgess in the opening pages of Sandman #1. 

Nothing more needs to be said.
Except the artist for the series is the incredibly amazing talent known on this mortal plane as JH Williams III (in the world of forms hypothesised by Plato, he is simply known as Art).  Even a thousand words could not describe the beauty of any one of his panels, so the best thing to do is go out and buy trades of Promethea, Batwoman and/or the Seven Soldiers of Victory to understand what I mean. 

In summary, I reckon October is a great month to buy some DC comics !!

Late newsflash ! I just re-read the solicits and noticed the Batman Earth-2 Black and White statue was designed by everyone’s favourite Aussie DC comics artist Nicola Scott ! Reckon I will sell a kidney so I pick that up. Anyone need a slightly dodgy kidney they are willing to trade for a statue ?


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