Unintentional delay

To all of those four fans of the Comic Book Evangelist, I apologise for the unexpected and unintentional delay in the posting of new material. What with Supanova last weekend, going back to work after a long break last week and the ongoing sleepless nights which come with having a newborn, I have had less time than expected to get something written and posted. 

Fear not, though, true believers ! I will begin regular posting again from tomorrow ! This week I will  report on the conversation Jamie had with the acclaimed and very friendly Chris Claremont, finish my explanation on why I love comics, talk about the work of Greg Rucka and compare my enjoyment of the Marvel Now ! initiative with the disappointment I felt with DCs New 52 relaunch. 

So, while I do not have a full post today, I do recommend you check out the following links for some interesting articles released in the last week: 

http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/category/comics-a-m-2/ – two great articles here, one on west Australian publisher Gestalt (shout out to Wolfgang !) and another on the great Jamie Hewlett. 

Batman ’66 info and interview  

Interview with Peter Hogan about the new Tom Strong miniseries !


Enjoy these links and remember to read comics !! 



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