Going on a pilgrimage

This weekend I am making my annual pilgrimage to Perth Supanova, where I will rub shoulders with cosplayers, comic geeks, cinema fans and literary cognoscenti. This year I am most looking forward to having the great George Perez sign my copies of JLA/Avengers, Wonder Woman, a Teen Titans volume and the Batman story “A Lonely Place of Dying”. I have, like 99.99% of the comics community loved the art of George Perez from the first time I laid on eyes on it (in reprints of his Teen Titans work) and have been in awe ever since. 

If that were not exciting enough, another incredible guest will be at Supanova: Chris Claremont ! That’s right ! The Chris Claremont who made the X-Men the blockbuster superstars they are today with stories like “Days of Future Past”, “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and “God Loves, Man Kills”. The Chris Claremont who created Captain Britain, the New Mutants, Rogue, Gambit  and Betsy Braddock – aka Psylocke. And, for me the most exciting, created the British mutant super-team Excalibur and wrote a run of the funniest, intriguing and just plain cool stories in x-universe history ! Needless to say, I have a couple of Excalibur issues I would like to him sign (and have me thank him profusely for writing !) 

 I am also looking forward to speaking to Alex Saviuk, who was artist some on my favourite Spider-Man stories, the ever hilarious Luke Milton of the Book Was Better podcast and the crew at Gestalt Comics – especially the amazing artist Justin Randall and the ever-increasingly popular Tom Taylor. 

Of course, no Supanova experience is complete without admiring the effort gone into the cosplay outfits on display, chatting to local writers and artists and finding cool swag to buy for the kids (this year Jamie will be joining me and insists on picking up a Gundam Wing model for him). 

It will be a weekend of comic coolness (and apparently there are movie stars appearing too), so I urge you all to join the pilgrimage and check it out !


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