Take the Suicide Risk, it will blow you away !

It’s a quick post today, as real life has left me with little time to get a longer one organised.

So, I will simply recommend a new comic which blew me away with its first issue, and followed up perfectly on the promise of great things to come in its second.

The comic is Suicide Risk, written by one of my favourite writers Mike Carey and with art from new to me Elena Casagrande. The first issue was released in May, and the second a couple of weeks ago, so they will still be floating around waiting for you to buy them.

The premise is a familiar one with a killer twist – a real world setting is changed irrevocably when regular folk suddenly start receiving super powers. The twist is that most of these folk become villains immediately, and those who start out as heroes are corrupted in a matter of weeks to become villains themselves. As death and destruction become the norm and the super people get out of control, one cop takes a stand. He will take down the super criminals in his town, even if it kills.

Here is an interview Mike Carey did a few months back with Comic Book Resources about the book. Obviously he will do a better job telling you about it than me ! And it contains previews of some of series’ covers  !

And here is Mike’s “commentary track” for the first issue, also presented by CBR.

As usual, Mike Carey crafts a compelling story featuring a protagonist with realistic motivations, while at the same time building an intriguing mystery you cannot wait to see unfold. The artwork is great, clear and enhancing the action with some gut-wrenching scenes of combat between super powered and regular beings.

In a time when there are fantastic new books coming out virtually every week (in the last month alone we have had Uber, Lazarus, The Dream Thief and Astro City all being released), Suicide Risk stands out from the pack as the perfect start to an interesting world.

Oh, and when you read Suicide Risk and want to read more from Mike Carey, check out his runs on Hellblazer, Uncanny X-Men and X-Men: Legacy and his series of novels featuring the exorcist Felix Castor.  All will blow you away (in the best possible way of course !)


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