Life’s rich tapestry

For me the big comics news for today are two items at different ends of the emotional spectrum, and which brought home to me just how rich the tapestry of life is, encompassing both sadness and great excitement, sometimes giving you both reactions in the space of a few minutes

First was the sad news that Fantagraphics co-publisher Kim Thompson passed away today. Thompson will be remembered for being co-editor of Fantagraphics with Gary Groth, the publisher who brought us many amazing books from American and European artists. For me, he will be the person who published my favourite comics ever – Love & Rockets and Usagi Yojimbo. Kim Thompson will be missed.

The other news not only alleviated my sadness but had me jumping for joy: Tom Taylor will be joining Nicola Scott on DC’s Earth 2 comic from October’s issue 17 ! This is fantastic !! Tom is not just an incredible writer – check out his graphic novel series The Deep from Gestalt Comics – but a great bloke.  And this means there are a couple of Aussies working on one of DC’s top flight books ! You beauty !!!



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